Stake ICX and vote for DEMOS.

Founded in 2018, Deblock (Japan) has long been committed to expanding the ICON blockchain network (“ICON network”) led by the ICON Foundation (“ICON”) by working with ICON and Japan’s domestic and international entities. Deblock (Japan) now provides ICON P-Rep ‘DEMOS’ in collaboration with B Cryptos to further improve the ICON network and enhance the governance system of the network.

By staking ICX and voting for DEMOS, you can support the growth of ICON’s presence in Japan and simultaneously earn delegation rewards.

*Staking is the process where a holder-determined amount of cryptocurrency within one’s wallet is ‘locked-up’ for a period of time for the purpose of participating in activities on the blockchain. The holder is compensated with delegation rewards for the amount of time their cryptocurrency is staked.

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Blockchain Strategy Consulting

Deblock provides strategic support to companies aiming to leverage blockchain technology.

  • Ideal Companies: A company or team that is considering utilizing blockchain technology in the near future.


ICX Station - 

Tokyo Launchpad

ICX Station is an accelerator program supported by ICON, which develops a global blockchain platform. Located in San Francisco, Seoul, and Singapore, ICX Station has supported numerous companies globally.

ICX Station - Tokyo Launchpad is working with Japan’s leading domestic and international corporations to support companies planning to utilize ICON’s technology to further expand the adoption of blockchain technology on a global scale.

What we offer

Seed Investment &

Global Fundraising Support

ICON, as a sponsor of this program, offers seed investment to selected projects. Deblock also provides support for global fundraising strategy through our network of venture capital funds and early-stage investors.

Acceleration &


Deblock provides guidance for token economy design, go-to-market strategy, business planning, pitch preparation and review, and introductions to quality service providers (law firms, PR firms, accounting firms, etc.)

Technical Support &

Code Audit

Deblock is able to provide blockchain-related technical support via ICON’s engineering team and discounted smart contract audit services thanks to its partnerships with domestic and overseas code audit companies.

Target Industry Verticals

We find the below verticals to be most interesting:

  • Fintech

  • Sharing Economy

  • Gaming and Entertainment

  • Digital media

  • E-commerce


(Japanese only)

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